About SV's Web Home

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About SV's Web Home

On this corner of the world-wide-web, I hope to document my experience and thoughts through a series of blogs and articles. I advocate Open Source whole-heartedly, especially in technology areas that have tremendous societal benefit. I have attempted to release some of my codes developed during spare time on hobby projects on GitHub.

Also, I have tried to assemble a compendium of fast-paced instructions on a wide variety of tools on which I accumulated experience during my professional career and hobby explorations. I hope to incorporate video instructions, but that’s a project for later. I hope the information on this website helps you in some form or the other. Thanks for visiting!


Some of the articles and blogs have been painstakingly restroed from previous blogging sites (blogger and wordpress), so some formatting or typographical mistakes may be evident. Please do leave a comment/suggestion on the article Disqus board.

A few things about me:

  • Automotive engineer by profession. You can learn more about my professional history at LinkedIn
  • Tinkerer and open source zealot. Avid hobbyist in DIY electronics and astrophotography. I have open-sourced most of my hobby projects on GitHub